Rule Designer

  • Standard and Custom Rules
  • Rules to generate forms, remind filling Deadlines

Forms Manager

  • Generate Form PF, Form CPO-PQR, Form CTA-PR, Form ADV
  • Generate forms in PDF or electronically send to PFRD/IARD

E-file to IARD

  • Prepare file for electronic transmission
  • Monitor transmission status and response

Key Features & Benefits

  • Form PF reporting - including a draft for review and final formats for review and submission via XML
  • Data Warehouse to support multiple data source and data formats
  • Document Assumptions and Audit trail for Underlying data relating to each form
  • Electronic file form PF to PFRD. File form CPO-PQR and form CTA-PR to NFA
  • Reporting process that minimizes your operational burden, while the investment manager maintains fund data ownership and filing responsibility
  • Reporting solutions that leverage best in class solutions and infrastructure


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