Form ADV

Form ADV Solution

Form ADV is the uniform form used by investment advisers to register with both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state securities authorities. The form consists of two parts.

        ●  Part 1 requires information about the investment adviser’s business, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations, and any disciplinary events of the adviser or its employees.

Beginning in 2011,

●  Part 2 requires investment advisers to prepare narrative brochures written in plain English that contain information such as the types of advisory services offered, the adviser’s fee schedule, disciplinary information, conflicts of interest, and the educational and business background of management and key advisory personnel of the adviser. The brochure is the primary disclosure  document that investment advisers provide to their clients. When filed, the brochures are available to the public on the IAPD website.


Form ADV requires extensive collecting, validating and reporting information about the firm, investment advisors and the services that are offer. The key data points required among others are:

● Types of Services Offered
● Fee Schedules
● Conflict of Interest
● Background of Management and other Key Stakeholders
● Business, Ownership Structure, Practice & Custody Details
● Location, Staffing
● SEC and State Registration, Filing Notice & Reporting
● Clients
● Employees
● Affiliations
● Schedules (A – B – C – D – DRP)
● Past and Current Criminal/Civil/Regulatory Disciplinary Actions
● Other disclosures events


Our form ADV solution addresses this issues by providing easy to manage, wizard based workflow application that enables manage the advisor registration process. The solution has been updated to address the requirements related to form PF.

Form ADVsolution

Form ADV solution lets you complete part 1A, Part 1B and Part 2 along with all required execution pages. The solution provides ability to store required evidences. The evidence manager module helps firms control evidence identification and evidence collection so that only required evidence as per SEC standard is collected.


The versatile data warehouse lets you collect and report on data from multiple sources.

Form ADV solution also includes an e-File feature lets you transmit completed initial/annual/amended forms to SEC via IARD electronic registration system.

Key features & Capabilities

        ●  Form ADV – Annual amendment for SEC and State Registered Advisers

        ●  Form ADV – Other than Annual Amendments for SEC and State Registered Advisers

        ●  Form ADV – Special One-Time Dodd-Frank Transition Filing for SEC-Registered Advisers

        ●  Form ADV – Brochure Filing 31

        ●  Form ADV reporting – including a draft for review and final formats for review and submission via XML

        ●  Audit trail for underlying data relating to a Form ADV report

        ●  Documentation of methodologies and assumptions which are included in the filing

        ●  Ability for clients to provide overrides for question responses and document additional methodologies

        ●  Reporting process that minimizes your operational burden, while the investment manager maintains fund data ownership and filing responsibility