Form CPO-PQR Solution

Starting Sept 30, 2012, CFTC has introduced a new form CPO-PQR. This report is a new complex financial reporting form required to be filed by SEC registered Commodity Pool Operators either annually or quarterly, depending on the size and type of adviser.


CPO-PQR will require the Pool Operator to gather, extract, scrub, validate and report complex data including:

    ● Beneficial Ownership
    ● Counterparty
    ● Credit
    ● Leverage
    ● Among others



    ●   Our form CPO-PQR solution addresses the above requirements by providing a web based, work flow oriented tool. The tool lets you complete the CPO-PQR form store the required details and then create an              e-File to be sent to NFA.

Form CPO-PQR solution

    ●   Additionally, data audits become easy because of built in data mart that lets you evaluate and receive signoffs on individual sections of the form.


Key Features & Capabilities

    ●   Form CPO-PQR reporting – including a draft for review and final formats for review and submission via XML

    ●   Audit trail for underlying data relating to a Form CPO-PQR report

    ●   Documentation of methodologies and assumptions which are included in the filing

    ●   Ability for clients to provide overrides for question responses and document additional methodologies

    ●   Reporting process that minimizes your operational burden, while the investment manager maintains fund data ownership and filing responsibility